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Upgrade your Trike Bike with a Cane Creek THUDBUSTER suspension seat post.

Are you tired of uncomfortable rides on your bicycle or tricycle and want to upgrade your seat?

Well if the seat is ok and you still find the ride rough then you need a suspension seat post.

Our choice is the THUDBUSTER

Thudbuster – The best suspension seat post money can buy.

In this video, we’ll explain you how to transform your riding experience by upgrading to a suspension seat post. Whether you’re cruising through the city or exploring scenic trails, this modification will make your rides more enjoyable and comfortable.

Have lower back problems? find the bumps hurt your back, bum or spine then the Thudbuster suspension seat post will be the perfect addition to your ride.

We use these on our race trikes and can rate them 10 out of 10!

Let’s make your rides smoother and more enjoyable!

Trike Bike Australia is the largest imported of adult tricycles in the Australian market.