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Safety is really important and a Trike Bike will look after you in so many ways. With the added stability of having a third wheel the Trike Bike is well-suited to the elderly, people with disabilities or balance problems. If it all goes bad on a Trike Bike all you need to do is apply the brakes and you will slowly come to a halt with the Trike Bike balancing on all three wheels.

Visibility is extremely important and that is why we supply Trike Bikes in both silver and blue and also bright yellow and red colors to stand out to other road users. All Trike Bikes come complete with yellow wheel reflectors on all three wheels, yellow reflectors on the front and back of the pedals, a white reflector on the front basket, 2 rear red reflectors on the rear mud guards and our front battery operated LED headlight can light up the night but it also importantly doubles as a great visual alert for daytime triking because the headlight can be set to flash on and off continuously.

The Trike Bike is fitted with a chain cover to protect your clothing from being caught in the chain and sprocket, a bell is also included for alerting pedestrians and finally one of the most important features, your Trike Bike is fitted with dual brakes which feature a conventional handbrake for the front wheel and a special band brake for the rear wheel which provides exceptional stopping power even when you are carrying a heavy load.

Build quality

Build quality is outstanding with the genuine Trike Bikes having an aluminum frame, large 24 inch alloy wheels and off road tires provide exceptional tracking and grip on all surfaces and having large 24

Carrying capacity

Carrying capacity is one of the major benefits of owning a Trike Bike. With large baskets front and rear and a luggage carrying capacity of around 60 kg it is not unreasonable to expect your Trike Bike to become a real workhorse whatever the load may be and unlike a normal bicycle a Trike Bike wont fall over when loaded with goodies.