This page is for our wholesale customer only.

Welcome to our wholesale registration / dealer application page for wholesale and B2C customers only.

Trike Bike’s are sold around Australia through a growing network of retailers who have the skills to both sell our products, and also to provide any maintenance or repairs when necessary. We do not wholesale to businesses that simply drop ship, there is no benefit to our customers or ourselves from a drop shipping operation.

Part of the wholesale dealer evaluation process is to make sure we choose the very best representatives that we can to make sure our products are properly represented and supported.

We are going to ask you some questions during the wholesale application process and would appreciate your honest answers.

Once approved you will be able to order from the secured wholesale section of our website, this will give you a very quick and easy way to order Trike Bike’s product range and parts, and have them delivered quickly.

There are several benefits to being a wholesale customer.

  • Firstly, you can take advantage of discounted pricing for all of our products.
  • You can take advantage of seasonal specials and promotions which can add benefits to your business.
  • You can receive point-of-sale information for your business.
  • You can receive priority picking and delivery ahead of retail customers.
  • You will receive the best shipping prices that we can obtain
  • You will have a single point of contact with the business owner, Michael Coates for any problems, concerns or issues.
  • You will receive the most competitive pricing on spare parts and accessories.
  • You will feature on our website as a stockist or dealer and also in our social media profiles.
  • You have access to a completely online quick and easy order process where an order can be placed and paid for in as little as 30 seconds avoiding the need to either call to place the order, to enter delivery details multiple times, to enter payment details multiple times. Simplicity for our wholesale customers is our goal.

Of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly – Michael Coates

Please register now by completing the wholesale customer registration identified in section 1 below.


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