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Trike Bike is a major supplier to National disability support schemes since 2007.

My Aged Care Plan
If you have a My Aged Care plan, you can purchase your Trike Bike and then request reimbursement through your plan manager or administrator. Please check with your plan manager about this process because they do vary between different organisations.


NDIS customers with self-management plans can purchase Trike Bikes if the product meets your goals and requirements and you have Assistive Technology (equipment) included in your NDIS plan.

A Trike Bike can increase your ability to get out and about, get outdoors and also reduce the amount of ongoing service support you need. Many of our customers are using a Trike Bike to achieve greater inclusion in the community while developing a larger social network. Importantly, they are also becoming more active in the community by participating in activities like cycling with family and friends.

For many clients, a Trike Bike is deemed to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ to maintain mobility.

You are welcome to trial a Trike Bike with your occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or other health team professional at our office in Varsity Lakes Queensland by appointment.

We don’t know of any NDIS funded, Trike Bike purchases that have ever been refused, so there is a good track history of support through the NDIS system.


Applying for Equipment through NDIS

Suggested NDIS Support Category: Assistive Technology, Assistance with Social Participation, Improved Health and Wellbeing

Ask your occupational therapist, physiotherapist or health team professional to write a letter of support to go with your funding request.

Ask them to explain your suitability to ride a Trike Bike, the benefits you will receive and how additional exercise and social interactions will improve your life.

Also include the cost of maintenance and servicing your equipment, and get this approved in your application.

We would recommend servicing your Trike Bike once every 12 months or 3000 km, depending on usage.

Estimate the cost of your yearly service at about $80 plus any parts that may be needed. I would recommend applying for $100 per year for Trike Bike maintenance.

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