Hardware Checklist

4 bolts with 2 washers each and nyloc nuts approximately 50 mm long are used to hold the rear basket to the frame

4 large diameter bolts, 6 washers and 6 large nyloc nuts are used to connect the back axle section to the Trike Bike frame

3 small bolts, these are used to secure the chain guard to the frame

3 aluminium ‘tubes’ closed off at one end. These are to cover the brake and gearchange cables when completed to stop the cables from fraying

1 seat post clamp – NOTE: there are 2 types used by the manufacturer and the photograph may differ from shown above. Some are a complete ring clamp type

4  x 6mm diameter bolts with 2 washers each and a nyloc nut for securing the rear mud guards to the frame.  Note: sometimes the washers are molded into the bolt head

8 bolts to hold the rear mud guards to the mud guard frame

2 small bolts with saddle clamp and backing plate to secure the front mudguard support bracket to the front mudguard

Three strip brackets for the front basket, 4 bolts and 4 washers

Wheel reflectors, 3 of the reflector and 3 of the plastic fittings to secure to the wheel spokes

2 plastic end caps which go on the front wheel axles when the Trike Bike is completed

2 rear reflectors which mount to the rear mudguards, there is a 5mm nut on each

1 front reflector with a bracket to go on the handlebars