Battery Testing

Battery Testing – Just $40    Call now  07 5522 0583

Trike Bike’s workshop has all the tools needed to test just about every eBike battery out there.

Imported from Canada, our battery testing system can safely charge, discharge and document the performance and capacities of any eBike battery system or charger.

Our dedicated battery testing area can test your battery and charger, we will provide a printed report showing all aspects of battery and charger performance for just $40.

Testing, takes your battery through several charge and discharge cycles, and will normally take 48 hours for a full test.

The report we provide can save you many hundreds of dollars purchasing a new battery when it may not even be required. We have lost count of the times people order a new battery and after testing we find out its a faulty charger of a bad fuse etc..

Selling your eBike ?  then our report will give a new purchaser the confidence that the battery is good or needs replacing.

Buying an eBike ?  Get the battery tested to make sure your getting what you are paying for.

Battery Testing Trike Bike Gold Coast

Battery Testing – Just $40    Call now  07 5522 0583