Delivery Information

Trike Bike offers four delivery options:

  1. Pick up from our showroom in the box.
  2. Pick up from our showroom, fully assembled and ready to ride.
  3. Delivery to any location in Australia via courier in the box.
  4. Local assembly and delivery (available only in Tweed, Gold Coast, and Brisbane areas – additional fees apply).

Please note that assembled Trike Bikes cannot be shipped beyond the local delivery area due to their size, making them unsuitable for regular couriers.

For assembled Trike Bikes, we utilise point-to-point couriers for local delivery. This involves collecting your Trike Bike and transporting it directly to you without any other freight on board. While this service will incur higher costs, it is highly effective. Please contact us for a quote.

Upon order completion, assembled Trike Bikes can be picked up from our Gold Coast location if you have a large van or tray-back ute. Please be aware that SUVs are not suitable for transporting assembled Trike Bikes due to their size.

Trike Bikes collected in the box are designed to fit in even the smallest cars. If there’s no room in the back or boot area, loading the largest box across the rear seats is an alternative.

Typical box information

Carton 1 contains the Trike-Bike

Size is 108cm long x 65cm wide and 28cm high

Total actual weight is 27kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.20m3 x 250
(standard cubic conversion) = 49.14kg volume weight

Carton 2 contains the Baskets

Size is 55cm long x 45cm wide and 32cm high

Total actual weight is 5kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.06m3 x 250
(standard cubic conversion) = 15.75kg volume weight

Assembly Charges

To cover the cost of assembly, pre-delivery service, and test ride, each regular Trike Bike incurs an assembly fee of $125. However, the cost of assembling a Cargo Trike which is much more complicated is $250.

This is an important message regarding shipping:

To safeguard Trike Bike parts against shipping damage, they are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. Although unlikely, there is a chance that some parts may arrive with slight damage or scratches, particularly for deliveries to remote outback regions, despite our best efforts to prevent it.

We endeavor to provide maximum support in case of any damage, but please be advised that we can only assist you if you have obtained insurance coverage during the checkout process.

To be absolutely clear, if you decide not to opt for insurance coverage, we will not be held responsible for any damage or even complete loss in the event of any mishap. Once a package leaves our business we have no control over its handling or delivery and therefore no responsibility for damage or loss. We strongly recommend that each delivery carries shipping insurance as required.

However, if you have chosen and paid for insurance coverage, we will extend our assistance to meet the full coverage requirements.

Delivery Times

Orders received before 12.30 PM on a regular business day are usually dispatched on the same day. We work with multiple courier companies that provide scheduled pick-ups on each business day.

As part of the ordering process, the courier company will furnish you with details by email, such as expected delivery dates, once they collect your order. Additionally, you will receive tracking information to monitor the delivery of your Trike Bike. This can be verified at any time on the courier company’s website using your consignment number, or by contacting our office for further assistance.