Delivery Information

This information applies to normal and electric Trike Bikes, it does not apply to Cargo Trikes.

We have four delivery options available.

  1. Pickup in from our showroom in the box
  2. Pickup from our showroom, assembled and ready to ride
  3. Delivered anywhere in Australia by courier in the box
  4. Assembled and delivered locally (Tweed, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas ONLY – Charges Apply)

Assembled Trike Bikes can’t be shipped outside of the local delivery area because they are simply too big and the couriers won’t take them.

We can only get local delivery for assembled Trike Bikes using a point-to-point courier. This means they pick up your Trike Bike and deliver it direct to you with no other freight on-board. It’s expensive, but it works, so please contact us for a quote.

Assembled Trike Bikes can always be collected from our Gold Coast business after your order is received if you have a large van or a tray back ute.

A Trike Bike is too large for an SUV vehicle.


Assembly Charges

There is a charge of $125 to assemble, pre-delivery service and test ride each Trike Bike before delivery. The charge to assemble a Cargo Trike is $250.

Our Trike Bikes are shipped unassembled in 2 cardboard cartons as shown below with full assembly instructions. You can also use these sizes to make sure your Trike Bike will fit in your car.

Trike Bike | Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle

Carton 1 contains the Baskets

Size is 55cm long x 45cm wide and 32cm high

Total actual weight is 5kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.06m3 x 250
(standard cubic conversion) = 15.75kg volume weight

Trike Bike | Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle

Carton 2 contains the Trike-Bike

Size is 108cm long x 65cm wide and 28cm high

Total actual weight is 27kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.20m3 x 250
(standard cubic conversion) = 49.14kg volume weight

Important shipping statement

Trike Bike parts are securely wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage, it is unlikely, but possible that there may be some slight damage or scratches to the parts when they arrive especially to remote locations in outback areas.

Whilst we do our absolute best to avoid any damage it sometimes does occur.

Please be aware of this fact when ordering your Trike Bike. We will do our absolute best to help you should any damage occur but we are not responsible for loss or shipping damage.

Delivery Times

Any orders received before 1 PM on a normal working day will normally leave on that same day. We have set courier pick up each working day from several courier companies that work with our business.

As part of the ordering process you will receive information from the courier company when your order is collected including the expected delivery dates. You will also receive tracking information which will enable you to follow the delivery of your Trike Bike consignment. You can check this at any time on the courier company website or you can contact our office if you need any additional information.