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Many Popular Colours

Trike Bike stocks many popular colours including yellow, silver, blue, red, pink and black. Many of our TRIKE BIKE tricycles model’s are sold for commercial use in locations like dockyards, oil refineries and for these customers we suggest our high visibility bright yellow with safety flags if required

Quality Shimano Running Gear

Long-term durability and reliability is what you have come to expect from a quality product like TRIKE BIKE tricycle. We have partnered with Shimano for all of our running gear including deralier, gear cluster, gear change selectors and other hardware.

Safe, Stable & Easy To Ride

People purchase a tricycle for safety, stability and the ability to carry a heavy load if required. With a wide rear axle (800 mm), disc brakes and other safety features a TRIKE BIKE tricycle is very safe, stable and easy to ride even for the elderly people with disabilities

Lifetime Frame Warranty

With any new purchase you want to have the confidence that the product is built to last. All TRIKE BIKE tricycles have an aluminium frame, TIG welded and powder coated it is designed to last a lifetime and this is why all of our frames come with a lifetime warranty

Sobowo Fat Tricycle Features and Riding

A Day at the Beach riding the Standard Pedal Trike Bike

Order Online

You can easily order online and make payment with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or electronic bank transfer.

The process is safe and secure through the Commonwealth Bank and PayPal.

Any problems or questions with ordering, checkout or delivery please contact our office directly by phone on 07 5522 0583

Delivery or Pickup

We deliver Australia wide by courier. Any local customers are welcome to pick up from our showroom which is open Monday to Friday 8 AM to 3 PM and on some weekends by appointment. A boxed TRIKE BIKE tricycle will fit into most vehicles. If you are ordering an assembled TRIKE BIKE tricycle you will need large van or tray back Ute.

Trike Bike

Selling Trike Bike’s is all that we do, we specialise in 3 wheeled Trikes.

Since 2007 Trike Bike has become the largest seller of adult trikes in Australia.

With a full workshop, mechanic, administration staff and spare parts we are able to keep your Trike Bike running for years and years.

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