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Trike Bike Australia: Challenges of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail – Part 2

Join us on Part 2 of the 160km Off-Road Bicycle Challenge on Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Join us as we embark on the second part of an incredible journey with Michael Coates, the owner of Trike Bike Australia.

In this thrilling video, witness his endurance and riding skills as he takes on the the second stage of the grueling 160-kilometer off-road bike challenge on the stunning Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) aboard the Sobowo FAT Trike Bike.

This is just the second part of an unforgettable adventure ! Get ready to be mesmerised by breathtaking views, action-packed moments, and an inspiring story. Not only will we explore the trail’s history and beauty, but we’ll also delve into Michael’s personal journey of weight loss and fitness, making this adventure even more remarkable.

Michael Coates fearlessly conquers the rugged terrain of the BVRT, showcasing the versatility and strength of the Sobowo Fat Trike Bike. Join him as he pushes the boundaries of his physical endurance, conquering challenging inclines, and navigating through picturesque landscapes.

This epic endurance ride exemplifies the true spirit of adventure and determination, proving that the BVRT is a trail for everyone, but perhaps not in the one ride.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates incredible accomplishments, this video will captivate your attention.

Watch as Michael immerses himself in nature’s wonders, embraces the excitement, and overcomes the challenges that lie ahead on the BVRT. Don’t miss this action-packed off-road adventure! Grab your popcorn, buckle up, and embark on an adventure with Michael from Trike Bike Australia.

Watch now and let the adventure begin!