20″ Folding Trike Bike Sapphire Blue


  • Genuine 20″ Folding Trike Bike kit
  • 12 month Australian warranty
  • Extra low frame – easy on & off
  • Folding frame design for easy storage – Great for caravaners
  • Single speed gear for easy pedaling, (nothing to adjust or get broken/bent when putting in car)
  • Lightweight strong 20 inch frame
  • Aluminium wheels Heavy duty brakes

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  • Genuine 20″ Folding Trike Bike
  • 12 month Australian warranty
  • Extra low frame – easy on & off
  • Folding frame designed for easy storage
  • Single speed gear for easy pedaling, (nothing to adjust or get broken/bent when putting in vehicle or trailer)
  • Lightweight strong 20 inch frame
  • Aluminium wheels Heavy duty brakes
  • Comfortable seat with foam & springs
  • Front basket 10 kgs capacity
  • Large rear basket 50 kgs capacity
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable handlebars – quick fold
  • Warning bell
  • Safety reflectors: wheels, pedals, front basket and rear guards
  • 150 kgs seat weight
  • Quick assembly
  • Spare parts available

Assembled Size 20″ Folding Trike

Width = 800mm

Height Normal = 1100mm

Length Wheel Forwards = 1700mm

Length Wheel @ 90° = 1500mm

Step-over Height = 320mm

Lowest Seat Height = 680mm

Weight = 24 kgs


Folded Size 20″ Folding Trike

  Width = 800mm

Height With Seat = 710mm

Height Without Seat = 640mm

Length Folded = 1100mm

Weight = 24 kgs


Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 164 × 71 × 96 cm


Shipping Weight 32 kgs
Weight Assembled 23 kgs
Delivery Options Click & Collect Boxed
Click & Collect Ready to Ride
Courier Delivery Boxed
Frame Material Steel Low Step Thru Design
Fork Material Steel
Fork Steel 1-1/8″ steerer
Backend Material Steel, 4 Bearings, 15Ø hi-tensile shaft
Wheel Size 20″
Rims Alloy double wall 36H
Hubs Rear: Alloy  Front: Alloy
Spokes Stainless steel
Tyres 20″ general purpose
Crankset Alloy 40 teeth chainring
Pedals Composite platform with traction & reflectors
Bottom Bracket Sealed bearing with RPM sensor
Derailleur Rear Shimano
Cassette Shimano
Shifters Shimano
Chain KMC
Handlebar Alloy
Headset Alloy 1-1/8″
Stem Alloy adjustable
Saddle Extra comfortable sport saddle
Seatpost Alloy adjustable
Brakes Mechanical disc front and rear
Brake Levers Alloy 4 finger with motor cut out and parking brake
Gender Unisex – Adult


  • Nobody wants to be uncomfortable when riding a bicycle and as all humans are built almost the same there are some very important rules which must be followed to make a comfortable tricycle.
  • For the best comfort your back should be just slightly forward of vertical.
  • As can be seen in the photograph to the right, the center line of the shoulders is just marginally ahead of the centerline of the hips giving a very slight forward upper body tilt. The arms are bent comfortably forward just above the top of your hips meaning that there is almost no pressure being placed on the arms which is especially important for the elderly.
  • To make pedaling as easy as possible it has been proven that forward pedal positions are the best for recreational riding, the forward pedal position allows easy starts and helps you to put a large amount of your body weight through the pedal.
  • Our latest seat has foam and springs for suspension with special pads on each side of the seat to provide hours of riding in pain-free comfort.
Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle Perfect Riding Position
Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle padded comfortable seats

Comfort is very important and our Trike Bikes are fitted with a six speed gear system manufactured by Shimano making pedaling almost effortless at most times but especially up hills. Your personal comfort is also catered for with a wide, comfortable and well padded seat to adequately and comfortably support those people who are a little bit overweight, are elderly or find normal push Bike seats too narrow to be comfortable. The rest of your body is also well catered for with a really low frame height allowing even people with restricted leg movement to get on and off the Trike Bike with ease. The seating position on a Trike Bike is extremely comfortable with a forward crank position for the pedals and a near-vertical seating position for your body doesn’t put any strain on your arms. Finally all Trike Bikes have adjustable seat and handlebars heights as well as super soft and comfortable handgrips.


Safety is more important than anything else and a Trike Bike will look after you in so many ways.

With the added stability of having a third wheel a Trike Bike is well-suited for the elderly, people with disabilities or balance problems, mums with young children and people wanting to carry a load, be it the groceries from the supermarket or a tradesmen’s toolbox on a worksite. If it all goes bad on a Trike Bike all you need to do is apply the brakes and you will slowly come to a halt with the Trike Bike balancing on all three wheels.

Visibility is extremely important and that is why we supply Trike Bikes in a wide selection of colours to stand out to other road users. All Trike Bikes come with yellow wheel reflectors on all three wheels, yellow reflectors on the front and back of the pedals, a white reflector on the front handlebars, 2 rear red reflectors on the rear mud guards and a front battery operated LED headlight will light up the night but it also importantly a great visual alert for daytime riding because the headlight can be set to flash on and off continuously.

The Trike Bike is fitted with a chain cover to protect your clothing from being caught in the chain and sprocket, a bell is included for alerting pedestrians and finally one of the most important features, your Trike Bike is fitted with dual brakes that provide exceptional stopping power even when you are carrying a heavy load.

Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle Quality LED Headlight
Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle Australian Standards legal rear reflectors

Build quality is outstanding with our trike bikes having an aluminium frame (with lifetime warranty), front forks with suspension on our electric models, large 24 inch alloy wheels and off road tires provide exceptional tracking and grip on all surfaces and having a large wheels means that your trike bike is not susceptible to being damaged by obstacles on the roadway like some smaller tires. The trike bike features an aluminium three piece crank, quality bearings throughout and importantly mudguards on all three wheels to keep you dry in even wet conditions. The rear mud guards have special supports to ensure the durability and strength for many years of ownership.


  • Trike Bikes have genuine Shimano 6 speed gears for easy pedaling on flat ground and hills. Our latest models have Shimano Tourney Smart Shift for effortless gear changing.
  • Some sellers on eBay sell Trikes with just one gear. One gear is okay for perfectly flat ground but when you get to a hill, want to ride a bit faster or carry some luggage then you simply need more gears.
  • First and second gear on a Trike Bike are purposefully much lower than other normal bicycle. All Trikes weigh more than a normal bicycle and our special first and second gear ratio makes riding uphill a breeze.
Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle Quality Shimano Gears


Trike Bike products carry a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and faults for residential use and a 3 month warranty for commercial use unless specified otherwise.

More information on our warranty is available here


We have several delivery options available

  • Express Courier Delivery: Most people have the unassembled Trike delivered by courier. Your Trike Bike is supplied partly assembled in one large box and one smaller box.
  • Click & Collect Boxed from Varsity Lakes QLD: Drop down in a normal sized car and pickup yourself saving the delivery charges.
  • Click & Collect Assembled & Ready to Ride from Varsity Lakes QLD: Don’t have the skills to assemble the Trike Bike ?   Let our skilled mechanic do the hard part for you. For just $125 (Standard Pedal or Electric Trikes), we will assemble, test ride and tune your Trike Bike for years of enjoyment. NOTE: You will need a ute or trailer to pickup an assembled Trike Bike, they are even too large to fit into an SUV vehicle.
Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle Elderly Exercise

Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity is one of the major benefits of owning a Trike Bike. A Trike Bike can carry a rider up to 150 kgs, with large baskets front and rear and a luggage carrying capacity of around 50 kg it is not unreasonable to expect your Trike Bike to become a real workhorse whatever the load may be and unlike a normal bicycle a Trike Bike wont fall over when loaded with goodies.

Shipping information

Trike Bike parts are securely and individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage, it is unlikely, but possible that there may be some slight damage or scratches to the parts when they arrive especially to remote location in outback areas, where the roads are rough and the boxes are handled many times.

Whilst we do our absolute best to avoid any damage by using 7 layer cardboard boxes and have all parts wrapped in bubblewrap sometimes damage or scratches may occur.

As part of the shipping process we take out insurance for up to $100 for shipping damage, this includes scratches caused by rough handling by the different couriers but its difficult to claim.

Please be aware of this fact when ordering your Trike Bike, we will do our absolute best to help you should any damage occur but we are not responsible for shipping damage.

Please, If you don’t agree to these shipping conditions then please don’t order.

Electric Trike Bike products must be shipped as dangerous goods and this can cause shipping delays.