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Pedal With Ease: Why The Sobowo Trike Bike Is Ideal For Beginners

Trike Bike Electric Fat Trike

Introducing the Sobowo Electric Trike Bike range, a fun and eco-friendly transport option for adults.

We get these questions asked more than anything else, so I thought it was time to put my thoughts down on paper.

1. What is the Sobowo Trike Bike and who makes it?
2. What are the key features and benefits of the Sobowo Trike Bike?
3. How does it compare to traditional bicycles and other tricycle options?
4. What types of Sobowo Trike Bike models are available?
5. How much does the Sobowo Trike Bike cost?
6. Is the Sobowo Trike Bike easy to ride for beginners?
7. What safety considerations are there with riding a tricycle?


1. Intro
Trike Bikes are a fun and comfortable cycling option, great for recreation, exercise, and environmentally friendly transport. Perfect for running down to the shops, running errands, and doing the weekly shopping. The ability to carry up to 60 kg of luggage safely is a major feature of all Trike Bike tricycles.

The Sobowo Trike Bike is made by Sobowo, a leading Chinese manufacturer of e-bikes and e-trikes.

Trike Bike Australia is Australia’s largest importer of adult tricycles and have been selling nothing but tricycles since 2007, we are regarded as the industry experts when it comes to adult tricyles.

We carry a full range of spare parts to suit every model that we sell ensuring you years of trouble-free operation.


2. Overview of the Sobowo Trike Bike
Key features: electric pedal assist, wide or fat tires, cargo baskets front and rear, comfortable seat, and upright seating position perfect for older riders.

All aluminium zero maintenance frame. Large colour LCD display on all models.

Benefits: stability, easier to ride than a traditional bike, cargo carrying capacity.


3. Sobowo Trike Models
• Australian compliant 250W electric motor for the 2050 and 2450 models (20-inch and 24-inch sizes)

• Arriving soon in mid-2024, 350W electric motor 2650 model (26-inch size)

• Our Biggest Seller, High performance 500W electric motor, FAT wheel Trike Bikes

• Mind Blowing – 1500W electric motor, FAT wheel, all-wheel drive, Trike Bikes


4. Riding a Trike Bike vs Traditional Bike
More stability because of the extra wheel, easier to ride than a bicycle, especially for older riders or those with balance issues.
Lower center of gravity gives natural stability and makes riding much easier.
Wide tires provide outstanding traction and shock absorption.
Better visibility because you are sitting upright.
No pressure on your arms or shoulders.
No limitations in tight turns and manoeuvrability at slower speeds, the added stability of a tricycle make them almost impossible to fall off.


5. Cost of Sobowo Electric Trike Bikes (FEB 2024)
• 2050 & 2450 models from $2900.
• FAT models from $3900.
• Highest performance off-road from $5000+.
• The cost of any of the Sobowo models is highly comparable to any other quality traditional bicycle.


6. Ease of Riding for Beginners
Very easy to learn to ride a Trike Bike especially for riders who have never learned to ride a bicycle.
Naturally stable and easy to balance.
Great option for seniors or those with mobility challenges.


7. Safety Tips
Follow all bike safety laws and wear a helmet.
Be cautious on bumpy or uneven roads, just slow down a little.
Take care on turns and slow down to suitable speeds.
Be visible with front and rear lights and reflectors which come standard on all Sobowo Trike Bike models.


8. Conclusion
The benefit of riding a Sobowo Trike Bike is that you are on a premium quality tricycle built to the highest standards for manufacturing, safety and comfort.
The stability offered by the wide wheels makes a huge difference.
The frames exceed all manufacturing standards and don’t flex like cheaper models.
Disk brakes on all wheels will bring you safely to a stop in all riding conditions.
Large carrying capacity means you no longer need public transport or a motor vehicle for running simple errands.
Improve your mobility and fitness by moving your body. The electric assistance will assist with the riding effort.