Support Pedal with Straps

Where maximum foot hold is required, pedals are equipped with toeclip and adjustable straps. These have been designed to allow for easy adjustment and quick release. Perfect for children with disabilities or adults with weakness or bad control in the legs.

Hitch Rider Trike Rack

The Trike Bike Hitch Rider rack is the perfect way to transport your Trike Bike or recumbent trike.

This unit is fully adjustable and will fit just about every trike on the market.
When not in use the trike rack can be removed from the vehicle in less than 30 seconds or it can be swung up out of the road to comply with federal road regulations.
Loading your trike is very easy and only takes around one minute.
This trike rack also has a tilting mechanism which enables you to have access to the back door of your vehicle without the need to remove your trike.
Manufactured by Hitch Rider in the USA the normal price of this unit when imported into Australia is well over $850 AUD we have them on special for just $750 plus shipping to your location.
Full instructions are provided and assembly from the box takes around 15 minutes, fitting to the vehicle the first time takes about 5 minutes but after this fitting is extremely easy and quick.
Manufactured to comply with Australia Federal road regulations, *may require a light board to be fitted if indicators and stop lights are covered by the trike.
Attaches on what is call a “Hayman Reese” towbar that’s found on most SUV, 4WD, utes and other vehicles.


Super Support Seat

Our super comfortable seat is really wide and has heaps of padding, the backrest makes long distance riding a breeze and provides valuable support for elderly and those with disabilities or problems with the lower back.

Fits all trike and bike models with a standard seat post size.

NOTE: Stock varies between all black colour and black and silver as shown.


Push Me Home Handle

The Push Me Home Handle is telescopic and extendable.

A bracket is permanently mounted to the rear of the trike and the handle connects in just seconds. This handle is ideal for children and adults with disabilities because it gives the carer complete control over the trikes speed, meaning the rider wont suddenly get into trouble when riding.

Folds to just 450mm long when not in use and the bracket can stay permanently fitted to the trike.


Our standard helmet is Australian Standards approved and features the one size fits most system. Good quality at a really affordable price.


Trike Locks

Combination locks, 10mm cable and 1800mm long, great for locking the trike securely.