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We have been selling Ice Cream Trikes for several years and they work great!

They have a combined fridge/freezer which can be used to sell ice cold drinks when the unit is set as a fridge, or when set as a freezer, it can be used for ice cream, or frozen products like shaved ice etc.

The base is a factory modified cargo trike with the freezer mounted on the front and a tall wooden box  on the rear, closest to the rider.

The wooden box is made so you can install a sink or any other accessories that you wish. At the bottom of the wooden box is the battery. The battery is a 12 V AGM deep cycle battery of 50 amp hours. This is enough to run the fridge/freezer for up to 8 hours when away from a power point.

This will give you many hours of complete autonomous operations down on the beach, the markets or anywhere else you may be going. When you are back to normal power, just plug the unit in and it will run the fridge/freezer and recharge the battery at the same time.

These Ice Cream Trikes are supplied in white. The freezer unit has been manufactured to be covered in self-adhesive signage to display your products, pricing etc.

The freezer box size for signage is as follows….

Front 513mm wide x 705 mm tall

Sides  940 mm wide x 705 mm tall

When you open the fridge/freezer lid there are sliding glass drawers, so people can view your products without letting all the cold air out.

Easy to ride and maintain, our ice cream trikes even come with a large umbrella to keep you in the shade when set up and selling.

Many local councils do not require any vendor permits if you are selling packaged frozen goods like ice cream or cold drinks, so you are basically ready to go with a great little business.

Ice Cream Trike Dimensions

Assembled Ice Cream Trike dimensions are.

Length = 2.4 m

Width = 0.9 m

Height = 1.2 m

Weight (Estimate) = 70 kgs

Fridge / Freezer  Size

Fridge / Freezer – Basket Size

Basket is 37cm x 21 cm and 19cm deep

Shipping information

Trike Bike parts are securely and individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage, it is unlikely, but possible that there may be some slight damage or scratches to the parts when they arrive especially to remote location in outback areas, where the roads are rough and the boxes are handled many times.

Whilst we do our absolute best to avoid any damage by using a steel framed box with outer layer of plywood and have all parts wrapped in bubblewrap sometimes damage or scratches may occur.

As part of the shipping process we take out insurance for up to $100 for shipping damage, this includes scratches caused by rough handling by the different couriers but its difficult to claim.

Please be aware of this fact when ordering your Trike Bike – Ice cream Trike, we will do our absolute best to help you should any damage occur but we are not responsible for shipping damage.

Please, If you don’t agree to these shipping conditions then please don’t order.


Trike Bike products carry a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and faults for residential use and a 3 month warranty for commercial use unless specified otherwise.

More information on our warranty is available here

Shipping - Box Sizes

The Trike Bike Ice Cream Trike is shipped in two metal frame plywood covered crates. These are very durable and will help ensure a safe delivery of your trike.

Box 1

Length = 145 cm

Height = 110 cm

Width = 73 cm

Weight = Approx 50 kgs

Box 2

Length = 180 cm

Height = 100 cm

Width = 53 cm

Weight = Approx 50 kgs