Sobowo 2050 & 2450 Rear Basket Bag


Sobowo 2050 & 2450 Rear Basket Bag, keep everything clean and bagged with this purpose made rear basket bag. Has safety straps to hold it into the tricycle during use.

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These basket bags are specifically designed to perfectly fit into the back of your Sobowo FAT tricycle, and the Sobowo 2050, 2450 and 2650 models.

I’m happy to share that these bags are highly durable and designed to withstand various weather conditions. While we haven’t had a chance to test them in the rain yet, they appear to be better than 95% waterproof, if not more.

With their precise dimensions, they effortlessly fit into the rear baskets of the Sobowo tricycles.

Additionally, they come equipped with straps on all sides, allowing you to secure the bag firmly within the rear basket frame, eliminating any chance of movement. The bag features a convenient zipper that grants unrestricted access to the items you store inside.

Made from robust vinyl material, the bags are approximately 6 mm thick, providing an added layer of shock absorption.