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CLEARANCE – Reduced to just $100 EACH

After years, and years of being asked for Trike Bikes in children sizes, we have finally convinced our manufacturer to design a product specifically for children ages  3 and upwards.

Our new children’s Trike Bike comes in 12 inch size

The 12 inch size is suitable for children aged 2 1/2, to 5/6, please see our sizing guide.

The rider’s weight limit for the 12 inch tricycle is 50 kg

These are not a toy like you see in some toy stores, these are a real Trike Bike and they are fully compliant with all Australian rules and regulations throughout our nation.

They come nearly fully assembled, you just need to fit the front handlebar, the seat and the rear mud guards. Completing the assembly should take less than 10 minutes with basic tools.

Trike Bike Adult 3 Wheel Tricycle



Assembly Video

Delivery Options

We offer a variety of delivery options to suit your needs:

1. Express Courier Delivery
This is the most common choice for customers. Your Trike Bike will be delivered by courier in two boxes – one large box and a second smaller box. The Trike Bike comes partially assembled for your convenience, but most models will require at least 1 to 2 hours to complete assembly for the average person.

2. Click & Collect Boxed from Varsity Lakes QLD
If you prefer to save on delivery charges, you can choose to pick up the boxed Trike Bike yourself. Simply drop by with a normal-sized car, and we’ll have it ready for you to collect.

3. Click & Collect Assembled & Ready to Ride from Varsity Lakes QLD
If you lack the skills or time to assemble the Trike Bike, don’t worry!

Our skilled mechanics can handle that for you. For a fee of just $125 (applies to the original, Standard Pedal or Electric Trikes), we will assemble, test ride, and fine-tune your Trike Bike to ensure years of enjoyable rides.  (some tricyles cost more for assembly)
Please note: that if you opt for an assembled Trike Bike, you’ll need a ute, van or trailer for pickup as they are too large to fit into an SUV type vehicle.

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