Trike Bike CARGO MAX


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A lot of people don’t know, but we also sell commercial electric tricycles.

This model is called the Trike Bike CARGO MAX and is designed for loads up to 400 kg.

We have sold these units to wildlife parks, zoos, commercial boat-builders, military, including air-force and navy and even for conversion to large mobile cappuccino machines and electric billboards for the Commonwealth Games.

These trikes feature strong electric motors with about 40 to 60 km range depending on load.

For the technical people, the Cargo Max features a strong but legal electric motor which drives through a variable gearbox/differential unit. The system runs off a 48 V lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 20 Ah.

All Trike Bike’s comply with Australian regulations for use in every state or territory

The CARGO MAX trikes have what is basically motorcycle forks and a motorcycle back-end along with hydraulic disc brakes, lights, horn, indicators and brake lights.

These trikes are ideal for carrying heavy loads.

The platform size on the rear is 900mm wide and 1250mm long.

The platform to ground height is 350-400mm depending on load.

The max width of the Cargo MAX is 1100mm

The length is 2600mm with the front wheel pointing forward

The length is 2400mm with the front wheel at 90°

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 217 × 80 × 116 cm

Black, Yellow, White

Shipping information

Trike Bike parts are securely and individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage, it is unlikely, but possible that there may be some slight damage or scratches to the parts when they arrive especially to remote location in outback areas, where the roads are rough and the boxes are handled many times.

Whilst we do our absolute best to avoid any damage by using 7 layer cardboard boxes and have all parts wrapped in bubblewrap sometimes damage or scratches may occur.

As part of the shipping process we take out insurance for up to $100 for shipping damage, this includes scratches caused by rough handling by the different couriers but its difficult to claim.

Please be aware of this fact when ordering your Trike Bike, we will do our absolute best to help you should any damage occur but we are not responsible for shipping damage.

Please, If you don’t agree to these shipping conditions then please don’t order.

Electric Trike Bike products must be shipped as dangerous goods and this can cause shipping delays.

Shipping - Box Size

The Trike Bike Cargo Max is shipped in a plywood container. The details are..

Length = 218 cm

Height = 80 cm

Width = 117 cm

Weight = Approx 80 kgs