Trike Bike CARGO MAX

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A lot of people don’t know, but we also sell commercial electric tricycles.

This model is called the Trike Bike CARGO MAX and is designed for loads up to 400 kg.

We have sold these units to wildlife parks, zoos, commercial boat-builders, military, including air-force and navy and even for conversion to large mobile cappuccino machines and electric billboards for the Commonwealth Games.

These trikes feature strong electric motors with about 40 to 60 km range depending on load.

For the technical people, the Cargo Max features a strong but legal electric motor which drives through a variable gearbox/differential unit. The system runs off a 48 V lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 20 Ah.

All Trike Bike’s comply with Australian regulations for use in every state or territory

The CARGO MAX trikes have what is basically motorcycle forks and a motorcycle back-end along with hydraulic disc brakes, lights, horn, indicators and brake lights.

These trikes are ideal for carrying heavy loads.

The platform size on the rear is 900mm wide and 1250mm long.

The platform to ground height is 350-400mm depending on load.

The max width of the Cargo MAX is 1100mm

The length is 2600mm with the front wheel pointing forward

The length is 2400mm with the front wheel at 90°

Specifications Cargo MAX Tricycles

The Trike Bike CARGO MAX is designed for loads up to 400 kg.

These trikes are ideal for carrying heavy loads.

The motor size is 500w Peak output running of 48V using a 20AH lithium battery.

The platform size on the rear is 900mm wide and 1250mm long.

The platform to ground height is 350-400mm depending on load.

The max width of the Cargo MAX is 1100mm

The length is 2600mm with the front wheel pointing forward

The length is 2400mm with the front wheel at 90°


Cargo MAX Trike Bike Dimensions

The length is 2600mm with the front wheel pointing forward

The length is 2400mm with the front wheel at 90°

The max width of the Cargo MAX is 1100mm

The platform size on the rear is 900mm wide and 1250mm long.

The platform to ground height is 350-400mm depending on load.





At Trike Bike, we place significant importance on ensuring your utmost comfort during your rides. Every journey offers unparalleled comfort and utility with any Trike Bike Tricycles, a formidable powerhouse designed to exceed your comfort and safety expectations.

Setting itself apart, the Trike Bike showcases an exceptional weight-bearing capacity, supporting riders up to 150 kgs. This remarkable strength ensures riders of all sizes can confidently set out on their adventures with a harmonious blend of comfort and stability.

We understand that personal comfort preferences vary, which is why our trikes feature wide and well-padded seats. These seats provide exceptional support and comfort, catering to individuals who are overweight, elderly, or find conventional bicycle seats too narrow.

Moreover, we have considered the needs of riders with restricted leg movement. Our trikes are designed with a low frame step-over height, facilitating easy mounting, and dismounting, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience.

The seating position on our trikes is designed for maximum comfort. The forward crank position and nearly vertical seating position minimise strain on your arms, allowing you to enjoy your ride without discomfort.

To further enhance your overall comfort, all our trikes come with adjustable seat and handlebar heights. This feature enables you to customise the fit according to your preferences, ensuring the perfect riding position for your body. Additionally, we have incorporated super soft and comfortable handgrips, guaranteeing a pleasant and enjoyable riding experience.

Adding to its versatility, the Trike Bike features expansive front and rear baskets, offering generous storage space. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely ride, these baskets provide convenient options for stowing your belongings. The strategically positioned rear basket ensures a seamless experience when transporting larger or bulkier items.

Furthermore, the Trike Bike excels in its cargo-carrying prowess, accommodating approximately 50 kg of cargo. A perfect choice for those relying on their bicycles to transport goods or equipment, it delivers a reliable and efficient solution for various purposes.

One of the standout advantages of the Trike Bike is its unwavering stability, even under full load. In contrast to traditional bicycles that may waver under heavy loads, the Trike Bike maintains impeccable balance, eliminating the risk of toppling over. This inherent stability not only guarantees a smooth and secure riding experience but also enhances the safety of both the rider and their cargo.

Whether you’re a professional utilising the Trike Bike for business or an individual in search of a dependable and versatile mode of transportation and exercise, the Trike Bike epitomises innovation and practicality. Unleash the full potential of your rides with the Trike Bike, where robust carrying capacity meets unmatched comfort and stability, providing a truly reliable and enjoyable Tricycling experience.


Your safety is our utmost priority, and our Trike Bikes are designed to provide unparalleled protection in countless ways.

With the added stability of a third wheel, Trike Bikes are an excellent choice for various individuals, including the elderly, people with disabilities or balance issues, mothers with young children, and those who need to transport loads such as groceries or tools on a worksite. In the event of any unexpected situation, simply apply the brakes, and your Trike Bike will gradually come to a halt, perfectly balanced on all three wheels.

We understand the importance of visibility on the road, which is why we offer a wide selection of Trike Bikes in colors that stand out to other road users. Every Trike Bike comes equipped with yellow wheel reflectors on all three wheels, yellow reflectors on the front and back of the pedals, a white reflector on the front handlebars, two rear red reflectors on the mudguards, an LED headlight and on some models a tail light with brake light. The headlight not only illuminates the night but also serves as a crucial visual alert during daytime rides, as it can be set to flash on and off continuously.

To protect your clothing from getting entangled in the chain and sprocket, all Trike Bikes are fitted with a chain cover. Additionally, a bell is included to alert pedestrians, and one of the most vital features of your Trike Bike are the disk brakes, these provide exceptional stopping power even when carrying a heavy load or in an emergency.

Our Trike Bikes are renowned for their exceptional build quality, guaranteeing reliability. The frames are crafted from high-quality aluminum and most models come with a lifetime frame warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting durability. In our electric models, the front forks are equipped with suspension, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Featuring alloy wheels and general purpose tires, our Trike Bikes offer remarkable tracking and grip on all surfaces. The larger wheels provide an added advantage, as they are less prone to damage from roadway obstacles compared to smaller tires.

The Trike Bike boasts an aluminum three-piece crank and quality bottom bracket, highlighting our on-going commitment to quality craftsmanship. Premium bearings are utilised throughout the construction, ensuring smooth, efficient and lasting performance. Importantly, all three wheels are equipped with mudguards to keep you dry, even in wet conditions. The rear mudguards are reinforced with special supports, ensuring their durability and strength for many years of ownership.


Trike Bikes come equipped with genuine Shimano 6-speed gears, ensuring a smooth pedaling experience on both flat terrain and hills. Our latest models feature the advanced Shimano Tourney Smart Shift, allowing effortless gear changes for an enhanced riding experience.

Try to avoid pedal tricycles with just a single gear. While a single gear may suffice for perfectly flat surfaces, it falls short when faced with hills or the desire to ride faster or carry additional luggage. To fully enjoy the versatility of your Trike Bike, multiple gears are essential.

Unlike traditional bicycles, Trike Bikes are inherently heavier due to their unique design. However, our specially designed first and second gear ratios are intentionally lower, making uphill rides a breeze. With this thoughtfully crafted gear setup, conquering inclines becomes easier and more enjoyable.

*  Please note that some of our electric models may have a single-speed configuration, as they rely on the power of the electric motor for effortless movement.


Trike Bike products carry a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and faults for residential use and a 3 month warranty for commercial use unless specified otherwise.

More information on our warranty is available >> here <<

Cargo MAX Shipping Box Dimensions

This product has a Lithium Battery and must ship as Dangerous Goods

The Trike Bike Cargo Max is shipped in a plywood container. The details are..

Length = 218 cm

Height = 80 cm

Width = 117 cm

Weight = Approx 80 kgs

Shipping Information

Every Trike Bike Tricycle is meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap, providing secure individual packaging to minimise the risk of shipping damage.

While the likelihood is low, there may be instances of slight damage or scratches to parts upon arrival, particularly when shipping to remote locations in outback areas with rough roads and frequent handling of packages.

Despite the use of robust 7 or 10 layer cardboard boxes and thorough bubble wrap protection, occasional damage or scratches may still occur. To mitigate potential issues, insurance is available during the checkout process. Insurance is especially recommended for orders to remote areas.

When placing an order for your Trike Bike, please bear in mind the possibility of shipping-related challenges. While we make every effort to assist in case of damage, it’s important to note that we are not liable for shipping-related damages.

If you do not agree with this shipping statement and you opt for delivery without insurance, then we kindly request that you refrain from placing an order if a small scratch is upsetting.

To be absolutely clear, if you decide not to opt for insurance coverage, we will not be held responsible for any damage or even complete loss in the event of any mishap. Once a package leaves our business we have no control over its handling or delivery and therefore no responsibility for damage or loss. We strongly recommend that each delivery carries shipping insurance as required.

However, if you have chosen insurance coverage, we will extend our assistance to meet the full coverage requirements.

Additionally, please note that Electric Trike Bike products are classified as dangerous goods, which can occasionally lead to short shipping delays due to special handling.

Delivery Options

We offer a variety of delivery options to suit your needs:

1. Express Courier Delivery
This is the most common choice for customers. Your Trike Bike will be delivered by courier in two boxes – one large box and a second smaller box. The Trike Bike comes partially assembled for your convenience, but most models will require at least 1 to 2 hours to complete assembly for the average person.

2. Click & Collect Boxed from Varsity Lakes QLD
If you prefer to save on delivery charges, you can choose to pick up the boxed Trike Bike yourself. Simply drop by with a normal-sized car, and we’ll have it ready for you to collect.

3. Click & Collect Assembled & Ready to Ride from Varsity Lakes QLD
If you lack the skills or time to assemble the Trike Bike, don’t worry!

Our skilled mechanics can handle that for you.

For a fee of just….
$125 for the original Standard Pedal or Electric Trikes,
$150 for any of the Sobowo Electric Trike Bikes,
$250 for any Cargo or Ice-Cream Trike Bikes,
we will assemble, test ride, and fine-tune your Trike Bike to ensure years of enjoyable rides.

Please note: that if you opt for an assembled Trike Bike, you’ll need a ute, van or trailer for pickup as they are too large to fit into an SUV type vehicle.

Why an Electric Tricycle ?

If you’re considering a new mode of transportation, an electric tricycle might be the perfect choice for you. Not only does it provide a unique and enjoyable way to get around, but it also comes with a variety of benefits that other vehicles simply can’t offer.

Firstly, riding an electric tricycle provides a low-impact form of exercise. It can be a great way to improve your physical fitness, without putting too much strain on your joints. Plus, the convenience of having a motor means you can take it easy on hills and tough terrain.

Secondly, an electric tricycle is incredibly comfortable. The upright seating position and wide handlebars allow for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. You won’t have to worry about hunching over or feeling cramped, like you might on a traditional bicycle or scooter.

Finally, an electric tricycle is a convenient and affordable mode of transportation. Unlike cars, there are no expensive maintenance or running costs to worry about. You won’t have to sit in traffic or search for a parking spot when you reach your destination. And, unlike motorcycles, you won’t need a motorcycle license or protective clothing to ride it.

All in all, an electric tricycle is a smart choice for anyone looking for a convenient, comfortable, and affordable way to get around. It’s especially useful for older riders who may struggle with traditional bicycles, and those who need to carry a lot of luggage. With no license or registration required, and a minimal cost of only $1.00 to travel 100 km, an electric tricycle is a practical and fun solution for all kinds of transportation needs. Just make sure to wear a bicycle helmet for safety!

Nerd Statistics

Fuel prices are rocketing, the public is looking for cheaper forms of transportation and we are getting asked almost daily…… how much does it cost to charge and operate an electric Trike Bike Tricycle?

The calculations are easy, and the example is made using the peak electricity price in Queensland of $0.33 per kWh.  Your rate may/will vary depending on your location

We need to work out the cost of charging a typical Trike Bike battery.

Trike Bike batteries are normally 36V and 10 AH capacity, to convert this to watt hours the calculation is 36 × 10 = 360 watt hours. You then divide by 1000 to get the kilowatt hours so 360 ÷ 1000 = 0.36 kWh

To work out how much a complete charge will cost, we multiply the battery capacity in kilowatt hours by the electricity rate, 0.36 × 0.33 = $0.118800 or if we round this off it costs just $0.12 to recharge the battery using the peak electricity rate and around $0.07 cents to charge the battery at off-peak rates.

The average range for a Trike Bike utilising pedal assistance is 40 km. This means you can travel up to 40 km for around $0.12. or, to break it down even further it will cost you 0.002970 cents per kilometre to travel on the Trike Bike….

Travel to the shops and back, doing about 5 kms in distance will only cost 1.5 cents!  Pretty cheap!

Federal Regulations Electric Devices

Electric Tricycle rules.

An electric tricycle, also known as an e-bike/e-trike, is a type of vehicle and can be assisted by power when riding.

You can ride an electric trike on all roads and paths, even where bicycles are prohibited. When riding, you have rights and responsibilities just like all road users.

You must follow the normal bicycle road rules and obey the general road rules.

You don’t need a licence to ride an electric tricycle, and they don’t need registration or compulsory third-party insurance.

Riding an electric tricycle

You propel an electric tricycle through pedaling with assistance from the electric motor. The electric motor is used to help you maintain speed while riding, and may be helpful when riding uphill or against the wind.

At speeds up to 6km/h, the electric motor can operate without you pedaling. The electric motor will help you when you first take off.

At speeds above 6km/h, you must pedal to keep the bicycle moving with the motor providing pedal-assist only.

When you reach a speed of 25km/h the motor must stop operating (cut out) and you need to pedal to stay above 25km/h like a normal tricycle.

Source of power

For an electric tricycle to be legally used on the road, it must have an electric motor and conform to the following:

A pedalec, is a tricycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 250* watts of power, but the motor cuts out at 25km/h and the pedals must be used to keep the motor operating. Pedalecs must comply with the European Standard for Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (EN15194) and must have a permanent marking on it that shows it complies with this standard.

Non-compliant electric tricycles

Your motorised tricycle is non-compliant and can’t be ridden on public roads or paths if it has any of the following:

  • a petrol-powered or internal combustion engine
  • an electric motor capable of generating over 250 watts (depends on state rules)
  • an electric motor that is the primary source of power.
    For example, if your tricycle has a petrol-powered engine attached before or after purchase, it is non-compliant.
    If your tricycle’s electric motor can help up to speeds in excess of 25km/h without cutting off, it is non-compliant.
    If your tricycle has non-functioning pedals that do not propel the tricycle , it is non-compliant.
    If you can twist a throttle and ride your tricycle using the bike’s motor power only, without using the pedals, it is non-compliant.

Non-compliant tricycles must only be ridden on private property with no public access.

If a non-compliant tricycle is to be ridden legally on a road, it must comply with the Australian Design Rules requirements for a motorcycle and be registered. Electric tricycles do not meet these standards.

All Trike Bike Tricycles comply with federal road rules and can be used legally in every Australian State or Territory.

Assembly Video

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Cargo MAX Assembly Instructions

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