Specifications Ice Cream Tricycles

These tricycles are specifically designed for efficiently running a fridge/freezer in a typical mobile vending setting. The tricycle frame is robust, constructed from heavy-duty steel.

Each unit is equipped with a front-mounted fridge/freezer and a wooden box at the rear, capable of accommodating a cash drawer, battery, charging cables, and any other necessary items. Additionally, a large black umbrella is included, providing an ideal surface for signwriting.

The versions available include standard pedal and Electric Pedal Assist, both featuring a standard 7-gear setup for easy operation.

It’s important to note that the fridge/freezer can only operate in one mode at a time. For instance, if you’re selling drinks, the units should be set just above freezing. On the other hand, selling ice creams requires setting the unit to -18°C or below. The freezer reaches the desired temperature in less than 2 hours. Both versions come with a 12V AGM deep cycle battery of 50 AH, capable of running the fridge/freezer for up to 6-8 hours without access to mains electricity.

It is recommended to consider upgrading to a higher-capacity lithium battery, especially if the freezer is continuously opening or if operating in extremely hot environments. This provides longer running time with less weight, eliminating concerns about the battery running out during the day and risking product loss.

All units are supplied in white, ready to be customised with stickers for business promotion.

While operating the ice cream tricycle is generally straightforward, it is advisable to opt for the electric assist version if your route includes hills or if you are carrying more than 60 kg of product.