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Nerd Statistics

Fuel prices are rocketing, the public is looking for cheaper forms of transportation and we are getting asked almost daily…… how much does it cost to charge and operate an electric Trike Bike Tricycle?

The calculations are easy, and the example is made using the peak electricity price in Queensland of $0.33 per kWh.  Your rate may/will vary depending on your location

We need to work out the cost of charging a typical Trike Bike battery.

Trike Bike batteries are normally 36V and 10 AH capacity, to convert this to watt hours the calculation is 36 × 10 = 360 watt hours. You then divide by 1000 to get the kilowatt hours so 360 ÷ 1000 = 0.36 kWh

To work out how much a complete charge will cost, we multiply the battery capacity in kilowatt hours by the electricity rate, 0.36 × 0.33 = $0.118800 or if we round this off it costs just $0.12 to recharge the battery using the peak electricity rate and around $0.07 cents to charge the battery at off-peak rates.

The average range for a Trike Bike utilising pedal assistance is 40 km. This means you can travel up to 40 km for around $0.12. or, to break it down even further it will cost you 0.002970 cents per kilometre to travel on the Trike Bike….

Travel to the shops and back, doing about 5 kms in distance will only cost 1.5 cents!  Pretty cheap!