Ambassador Program

At the request of many customers we have decided to trial the “Trike Bike Ambassador Program”

Australia is such a big place that it’s not always possible to see, trial, or talk to other owners about the benefits of riding a tricycle.

To answer this problem we are bringing in the Trike Bike Ambassador Program.

Many owners love their tricycles, they love to show them off, they love to talk tricycles, and they love to socialise.

If you are one of these people then we welcome you to sign up for our Trike Bike Ambassador Program.

Your contact details will be added to the website so people in your area can reach out and check out your Trike Bike.

For safety reasons we would recommend this is not done it home but at your local coffee shop. The visitor would make arrangements to meet you, buy you a coffee and cake, talk about Trike Bikes, and possibly even go for a ride.

This can also be a great way for Trike Bike owners to find other owners in their region and get together for a social catch up or a social ride.

Of course, if you don’t want your phone number or your last name displayed then no problems, we just put up as many details as you are comfortable with and someone can reach out to meet you at a coffee shop and you can go from there.

Decided that this is not right for you, no problems, let us know and we will remove you from the ambassador listing immediately.

Who knows, this may be a starting point for group rides in different areas, perhaps a great way to get together on the rail trails and bike paths which are becoming so popular throughout Australia.

Interested then please let us know by filling out the form below, it would be great if you could upload a photo of you on your Trike Bike so we can include this in the listing and in the notes section please say if you would like to leave out your phone number, your last name, your email, or any other information.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view registered ambassadors

Join other ambassador's by filling out the form below.

When you register for the ambassador program your details will be displayed like our already registered ambassadors below…

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[boc_divider divider_height=”4px” divider_color=”#eeeeee” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]
[boc_person name=”Josh Rogers” title=”” picture=”24470″]Phone: 0421 660 013

City: Wynnum

State: QLD[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”James Thomas” title=”” picture=”24477″]Phone: 0439703405

City: Shoalhaven Heads

State: NSW[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Sandra” title=”” picture=”24449″]Phone: 0417 231 072

City: Port Macquarie

State: NSW[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Deb” title=”” picture=”24433″]Phone:  0490 663 559

City: Berri

State: SA[/boc_person]

[boc_divider divider_height=”4px” divider_color=”#eeeeee” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]
[boc_person name=”Chris” title=”” picture=”24445″]Phone: 0428374227

City: Apollo Bay

State: VIC

Comments: Love riding my trike. 20” wheels. Very stable.[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Cath Grealy” title=”” picture=”24482″]Phone: 0423959297

City: Hamilton

State: QLD

Comments: just a newbie[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Shelley” title=””]Phone: 0414 800 101

City: Redcliffe

State: QLD[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Mark Langston” title=””]Phone: 0422477247

City: North Richmond

State: NSW[/boc_person]

[boc_divider divider_height=”4px” divider_color=”#eeeeee” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]
[boc_person name=”Ian Fletcher” title=””]Phone: 0401 051 072

City: Newlands Arm

State: VIC[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Amanda” title=””]Phone: 0439 570 927

City: Tweed heads

State: NSW

Comments:  We have plenty of great places to ride on the Tweed[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Bala” title=””]Phone: 0448 929 529

City: Perth

State: WA[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Julie D” title=”” picture=”24549″]Phone:  0438 848 700

City: Bendigo

State: VIC[/boc_person]

[boc_divider divider_height=”4px” divider_color=”#eeeeee” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]
[boc_person name=”Suzanne Michaux-Armel” title=””]Phone: 0487 080 952

City: Cranbourne North

State: VIC[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Avril” title=”” picture=”24523″]Phone: 0448862029

City: SALE

State: VIC[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Sunanda Jensen” title=”” picture=”25042″]Phone: 0412 234 799

City: Vincentia

State: NSW[/boc_person]

[boc_person name=”Jonne Hannon” title=”” picture=”25663″]Phone: 0402 273 267

City: Brisbane

State: QLD[/boc_person]